Glass Tumbler and Stoneware Beer Jug

Glass Tumbler

Date:  Circa 1810-1840s.

About:  German Berliner Weisse Beer Tumbler in clear glass, with white rim. Applied bowl onto a double bulbous post, applied to a flared foot.  Open pontil.  (German Berliner An acidic, light-bodied style of wheat (weisse German for “white”) beer made in Berlin.  Traditionally served in a large mouthed goblet, usually laced with a dash of raspberry syrup or woodruff.  Best served at (45-50F).

Size:  8″ high.


Stoneware Beer Jug

Date:  Circa 1790 -1830.

About:  Westerwald stoneware jug decorated with a cobalt blue flower and zig-zags.  Large handle and pour spout.  Two gallon.

Size:  9.75” high x 8” diameter.

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