Emile Lévy

Title:  Nude Gypsy Girl

Artist:  Emile Lévy (French, 1826-1890.) 

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: 30” high x 17” wide

Date: Circa 1860s

Signature: Signed lower right.

Item  B192





B192 Emile Levy Nude Gypsy Signature web



Emile Lévy Biography

French (1826-1890)

 Emile Lévy was born in Paris in 1826.  He  was a painter of the French school. A multi-faceted artist,  a portraitist and a pastelist. He also painted scenes of genre and subjects of history. He was the pupil of François-Edouard Picot and Abel de Pujol. Emile Levy won the Grand Prix of Rome in 1854, the same year as his comrades Giacomotti and Maillot.

Inspired by Roman magic, he stayed at La Villa Medicis from 1855-1857. The works he produced there rivaled perfection: Poetry, a copy of Raphael, Ruth and Noemie , or Noah cursing Cham .

After his stay in Italy, he returned to France in 1859 and devoted himself to painting in the academic tradition. He met Delaunay, Edgar Degas and Gustave Moreau. Oscillating between genre and history, Levy belonged to the neoclassic current that developed in the years 1850-1860.

In 1867, he was decorated with the Legion of Honor and was named Knight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium. He also took part in the Salon des Artistes Français in 1882 and the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889.

Emile Levy was one of the first artists to make pastel the success known for several years on the artistic scene. As early as the 1880s, he sent works to the Société des pastellistes, of which he was one of the founders. For the Annual Salons, he sent portraits where he demonstrated conscientious qualities and remarkable talent as a draftsman.

He died in Paris in 1890.

This feminine nude scene plunges the viewer into a setting that is both intimate, lush and voluptuous. The talent of Emile Levy is expressed through the precision of line and remarkable work on the models, the rendering of the forms and the flesh.