Godefroy De Hagemann

Title:  “Desert People”

Artist: Godefroy De Hagemann  (French, 1820-1877.)

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: 14” high x 10.5” wide. (frame: 22” x 19”)

Date: 19th century

Signature: Signed lower right.

About:   A desert scene in an original carved gold leaf frame.

Item  A921






A921 Hagemann 10.5 x 14 1b


 Godefroy De Hagemann Biography

 French (1820 -1877)

French painter. Born in Naples, he was apprenticed there to Filippo Palizzi, and it was in Naples that he first exhibited his works.  In 1861 he exhibited in Nantes (western France) and at the Paris Salon in 1872.  He traveled to Asia, North Africa, and Egypt and became fascinated by the Orient.  He produced several paintings of Cairo’s busy streets, markets, and alleys, and was known to have been captivated by the city.  He died in Paris in 1877.