“I wandered into Charles Flint Fine Art & Antiques and asked Charlie “How does one become a collector?”

He said, “Buy one piece, then another when you can, and eventually you will be a collector.”  I would frequently go in and look around the gallery and I always came back to a wonderful painting of a man on a white horse.  When I asked how much it was I nearly choked, it was a lot of money for me at the time. Charlie knew I loved the painting and he said I could have it for a different rate. I wrote him a check and I left with my prized possession. Not only did I walk away with a magnificent painting, but I also received a wonderful history lesson about the painting, its origins, and from what time period it was painted.

I would stop in every month and look at the treasures in Charlie’s gallery. He would often take me into his office and show me some of his special pieces and I always left reveling in how passionate Charlie was about his treasures, how he found them and the history behind them.

Needless to say, I became hooked. Instead of buying electronics and taking frivolous trips I put all of my extra money into buying fine art and antiques!   I am now a collector and have the most wonderful treasures throughout my home. Each piece tells a story and I take great joy in looking at them every day.  There were a few pieces over the years that I “outgrew” and Charlie was always willing to take them back and I would “trade up” for another piece.

The best part about Charlie is his excitement when he finds a new treasure. It could be a small glass witch’s ball, a beautiful weathervane he has been pursuing for 30 years, or an incredible piece of Shaker furniture. I often go to the gallery and his eyes light up when he shows me one of his new treasures. Seeing that excitement tells me that Charlie is doing something he loves, and that is rare to find in this day and age.  Thank you Charlie for getting me hooked, turning me into a collector, giving me a great lesson in history and most of all for being a great friend.”

Jason G. Macioge C.I.



Charles Flint Fine Art & Antiques has helped us become more knowledgeable as Shaker collectors. We treasure the pieces that we have purchased through Charles Flint and we feel very confident in his expertise in Shaker. One always feels “welcomed” walking into Charles Flint Fine Art and Antiques. If you cannot find that one special piece, Charles Flint will always try to help you, and keep you updated on new arrivals. It’s a pleasure doing business with Charles Flint Fine Art and Antiques.

Jim and Chris Wadsworth


We feel that Charles Flint is the antiques dealer that everyone else in the business should aspire to be; not only is he knowledgeable and honest, he has thoroughly vetted everything in his inventory and what he doesn’t know, he researches and investigates.   His Americana is top of the line in his consistently replenished inventory of a wide range of material, from fine furniture and decorative objects to works of art, both classical and folk  – and almost anything else that a serious collector could want. Although almost all his objects are in the best condition, should there be an imperfection in a piece, Charles Flint clearly points it out to a potential buyer and explains how it could affect the integrity of the object. 

We have known many of the highest rated dealers throughout the U.S., and not only do we consider Charles Flint among the most reputable – but the quality of his merchandise and the caliber of his character have earned him the highest respect among his peers as well as fine art and antiques collectors. Our dealings with him go back more than a dozen years and we have never been anything but entirely satisfied with our relationship.

Franklin & Esther Schmidt

Woodville, Virginia